M-leg inflatable doll

Control type Half-length

OLO transparent M leg, can’t be broken for thousands of times!

The price of the first and second gear is a complete set: M leg skin + silicone vagina + lubricant + pump

The third price is the price of M leg leather.

OLO condoms use hyaluronic acid water-soluble lubricant . Pursue more thoughtful, more comfortable and healthier!

Condoms containing hyaluronic acid water-soluble lubricant can be dissolved in water, easy to clean, and effectively reduce the incidence of inflammation in women’s private parts. Hyaluronic acid ( hyaluronic acid ) plays a good role in moisturizing care for women’s private parts. We also registered our own brand OLO . We also provide OEM services, all our condoms are CE , ISO 13485 , ISO  9001 : 2000 and CCC certified. In order to create a healthy world, we sincerely welcome your cooperation ! 

Types of OEM & ODM
Texture Natural latex rubber
length 160-200mm
width 52 ± 2mm
thickness 0.01-0.05mm
lubricating oil 600 mg (square foil)

1000-1500 mg (packed in jelly box)

package Square package aluminum foil / jelly box packaging
colour Primary colors / Red / Black / Navy / Gold / Silver / Pink / Blue / Green / Yellow
Fragrance Lemon / banana / orange / grape / strawberry / mint / vanilla / black currant / cherry / peach / chocolate / pineapple / rose / coca-cola / green apple / tutufretti / coffee
package 10 pcs
Shelf life 5 years
quality National standard, European standard, World Health Organization standard
certificate CE, ISO, SABS, Free Sale Certificate




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